Here are some pictures of Leonora with her dogs as well as horses that were valuable parts of her youth and are present in several of her paintings and artwork. 

Leonora's love with art began at a very young age. Here we can explore some of her work that was created when she was only 15 years old. I decided to include this in our first virtual exhibit to showcase her talent as a teenager in the hopes of inspiring our young fans to follow their passion. It also allows us to explore how her technique and style has changed across the years, while maintaining certain important characters in her work such as horses and dogs which where animals that were close to her heart during her upbringing.

Leonora Carrington

​Sketches and Artwork from Leonora's youth

Virtual Exhibit about Leonora Carrington's early works

Here is a wider collection of sketches, paintings and water colors from Leonora's youth including a self portrait that is currently at the MET in New York as well as a painting she did of her lover at the time Mex Ernst. We can see that horses are a theme that repeats itself a lot in this early work. Leonora would find freedom from her very strict upbringing through her connection with horses that allowed her to do an activity that she enjoyed that was not forced upon her by society or family.